Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller Series

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Love all his Dan Gordon books. Looking forward for next journey with Dan Gordon.Great writer great descriptions of foreign locations.

It is obvious this author has been there and back. I’ve read all of his books and recommend to all if you want to learn the real story on terrorism this will enlighten you.

Using his experience working with the Israeli and US governments, Carmon is able to weave a story that is both believable and at the same time completely engrossing. His knowledge of the spy world and how governments function within it make this (and his others) page turners and a lot of fun to read. If you try one of his books, you’ll end up reading more, highly recommended.

This is a top notch performance by a very gifted and experienced writer who weaves a fascinating tale that rings true from start to finish.

Carmon’s books are an excellent read. He capitalizes on his past professional experiences to present a principal character whose activities characterize a believable, well connected theme. Carmon’s portrayals of people and places reflects a broad understanding of current events, international relationships, and an insider’s knowledge of a broad spectrum of criminal and governmental investigation sources and methods.

I am a former intelligence officer (USA) and find [Carmon books] accurate, storiesand thrilling. No James Bond here, but perceptive and crystalline. Carmon tells it like it is.

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“Riveting, full of imagination, unusual characters and fantastic events.”
–Shimon Peres, President of Israel“
Critics Love the Thrillers

Triangle of Deception

“As in Haggai’s previous books, this thriller offers a riveting story, fluidly written, full of characters and events.”
–President of Israel Shimon Peres on Triangle of Deception

“It is a great story that anyone would love to stay up late reading.”
-Bestsellersworld.com, from Julie Moderson:


Defection Games

“I recommend all of Carmon’s novels! They are authentic, & are spell-binding. The hero is not only believable but also likeable as well!”

“The author is very knowledgeable of the espionage matter and the story reads very, very well.”


The Chameleon Conspiracy

“[A] taut thriller – a fast-paced novel that never gets bogged down.”

– Andrew Ian Dodge on Blogger News Network “[A] thriller that grabs the reader and holds him captive for 365 pages.”

Amos Lassen on Amazon.com“ I can’t recommend The Chameleon Conspiracy enough. Now I have to go find the other Dan Gordon books by Carmon to catch up!”


The Red Syndrome

“Tight and fluidly written – The Israeli-born Carmon, who (like Gordon) works with the Justice Department, obviously knows whereof he writes.”

–Booklist” – [E]xhilarating action across three continents that should keep readers on the edge of their chairs, right up to the book’s surprising conclusion. The timely tale is a terrific terror tome – ”

Jewish Life“ Dan Gordon’s second novel is even more engrossing than his first”


Triple Identity

“Riveting, full of imagination, unusual characters and fantastic events.”

–Shimon Peres, President of Israel“ All of the intrigue and plot machinations you’d expect from an author with professional ties to the Department of Justice.”

The Washington Post“ A triple threat of excitement, realism, and intelligence.”

A. Ganci on Amazon.com